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5 TOXIC Habits to Quit in 2020

These 5 Toxic habits are Holding you back

Toxic Habits to QUIT in 2020

If you want to achieve success in 2020, Quit these Toxic habits. You will need to CHANGE for good. You cannot expect results with same habits. Remember, Same habits – Same Outcomes!

Drop toxic habits to achieve your TRUE potential. You need to give up these toxic habits If you want to be successful in 2020.

These Toxic habits are lowering your energy, vibration and are unpleasant for you. These habits are destroying your life. You need to cut off them by replacing good habits. Good habits are hard to form, but easy to let go. Whereas, bad habits are easy to form, but hard to let go.

As you have heard it many times ‘No PAIN No GAIN’. To be successful you have to get out of your comfort zone. These toxic behaviors always get your back when you are doing better! Don’t fallback. Stay FOCUSED. Forming good habits will change your life for good.

Which TOXIC habits to quit in 2020?

1. Self-doubt
Self-doubting is having a lack of faith in yourself or showing a lack of confidence in your own abilities. The most toxic habit to get rid of this year to achieve success in 2020. How can you be both? There is no way you can succeed in being ordinary, being the same, being toxic. You got to cultivate self-belief. You need to believe in yourself. You have all the abilities you need to achieve success. You have to get over self-doubt and start believing. Those who believe are the ones who succeed. As buddha says, We become what we think. So, if you are filled with self-doubt, fear, sabotaging thoughts, how will you be successful. You got to think positive, to get positive results. It is all in your beliefs that decides what you will achieve. This 2020 get rid of self-doubt and start working towards your GOALS day In day OUT. You will find things get tough, lack of focus, but you need to get back strong and continue. Promise yourself to work on your goals, with believing in your strengths and abilities.

2. Procrastination
Procrastination is delaying things you want to do. It is an action for ruining your life. Remember that tomorrow is promised to no one.
A famous quote I remember is “You may delay, But time will not!”
Start the work. Simple!

3. Excuses
STOP blaming others, giving excuses! Excuses are for those who need them. This 2020 You are on a mission to change your life, to work, to hustle, to SUCCEED! No more Excuses. It is for people who do not want it bad enough, Are you one among those? Accept everything. Take responsibility. You can either have success or excuses. Choose what you want this year.

4. Comparison
You spend time on social networks and keep scrolling through feeds for hours, see what your friends are doing, and what not! You start comparing yourself with other people. Be it friends, colleagues, anyone for that matter. Why do you do that? Just think about it for a moment. You need it to evaluate yourself! But, why do you have to evaluate it by comparing it with someone else. The problem with comparison is that, it is not true! Yes, I say it’s not true, because what you think of other people is not always true. You not know what the truth is! What are they going through, not everyone shares their hardships or ugly sides on social networks. It is always better to compete within than outside. All the success is within, so stop COMPARISON!

5. Negative Talk
Negativity is Contagious. It is the enemy of creativity. When you do negative talk about a situation, people, or any damn thing, you are attracting all the negative energies. You cannot be successful with having a negative mind. Distance yourself from negative people. They add no value to your life. Stop the negative talk starting with you own self. Negativity is a poison, beware of people who spread it.

Remember is not always success when you add. Sometimes removing also adds to your success. To let go off somethings also add value to your life.
It is TIME to drop these Toxic habits in 2020.

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