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How to Improve Yourself During Lockdown?

How to Improve Yourself During Lockdown?

In quarantine? Pissed off due to lockdown? Bored and feeling lazy?

Don’t worry, it is not only you in the world who would relate to the emotions mentioned above. Many are going through the same and feel what you might feel for now. But, the best part of the lockdown which you can’t deny is you got more time than before!

If you knew how you could utilize your free time in lockdown, then you would not have the same thoughts you have now. In this post, we would find out answers to the below questions:

How to better yourself during a lockdown?
How to upgrade yourself during a lockdown?
How to improve during quarantine?

The best way to utilize your free time is by learning new skills.
Practicing and becoming a master of your craft. Got no skills? I don’t believe you! You have got all the skills necessary to succeed only if you believe. The best way to start your lockdown upgrade journey is to start planning and documenting as you go ahead.

Question Yourself

The first thing you got to do is questioning yourself. You need to have the right mindset to achieve all your goals. Write down the things (top 25) you always wanted to learn, be good at (only those which you can by staying indoors!) for now. Make a list of the top 25 skills you need to acquire. Now choose the top 5 high priority skills you want to learn at the moment.

3 Skills you can learn during a lockdown:

1) Communication Skills

The basis of human interaction is communication through human languages.
Just think how good it would be if you could speak/communicate with people using different languages. It is a skill you would cherish for life.

More than 100+ languages will leave you with many opportunities and no excuses. Start with your local language if you are not good at it, or you should choose the language you always thought of learning but could not learn due to (excuses!)

Today, we have best resources to learn skills at less to no cost!
We are blessed to have been living in this digital age. You are just a search away to change your life for good.

Leverage YouTube – You can find free tutorials on almost all the skills you want to learn. It’s FREE, why waste your time on youtube watching cat videos and recipes you would not cook but just watch. Go to youtube and search for the skill you want to learn. As simple as typing “learn English speaking” ….

2) Know your MIND

I would say it’s not a skill, but it is the basis of how you think and function. If you want to build a Success Mindset, you need to watch closely what’s happening within your mind! Watch your thoughts.

This year in 2021, You got a NEW OPPORTUNITY to start fresh. To make this year the best year of your life, sit down and take some time to know what was it that you have done ‘right’ in 2020. Write down all the things that went right, even if you think they are unworthy enough to note. It will help you realize that you have done good things in the past. In 2021, strictly follow one habit that might help you to achieve your goals for a year without missing a day (at least try!) and you can see how things taking shape.

You are what your thoughts are!

3) Planning For Success

A quotes comes to my mind when I think of Planning, I guess you might have heard of it,

“An Idiot with a Plan Can Beat a Genius Without a Plan”

Plan your entire year, list your goals with timeline. Go narrow by planning it with months, weeks in place. If you have a plan, you are good to start with a direction in your mind to follow. Keep working on what you have planned and if things slip out of your hands, get back strong without any second contradicting thoughts. Don’t allow yourself to missout on the activities for more than 2 days.

We hope you acquire new skills this year, All the best. Leave a comment and motivate others to be there best.

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